The moment you tap on one of the meetings, a pop-up menu will display giving you more information about the meeting and allowing you to do one of the following:

Show Meeting Details: Is equivalent to hitting the info button on the right side of the appointment record.

Select And Dial: Will run again through the phone number parser, this time allowing you to select the dial in number and the conference bridge number. This is useful when there is more than one dial-in number (toll-free vs local) or when there is more than 1 meeting ID (web vs phone). See next section about the use of this feature.

Email Organizer: This only shows if this is an invitation you received from somebody else. By tapping this option you will be sent to the mail application and a new email with the organizer in the TO field will be created. If you did not receive this as an invitation, this button will not show.

Dial Organizer Conf #: If you have a record in the conference book named exactly as the organizer, then you can dial that number by just hitting this option. If there is no organizer or no perfect match with a record in the conference book, this option will not show.

Dial Meeting Conf #: Dials the number listed in the appointment record.


The Conference Book is an address book for conference numbers, allowing you to store the complex dial-in sequence for those conference bridges that you use often.

You can add a new record (+), edit one by touching the info button on the right side of the record, dial a number by selecting the record in the middle of the row, or delete a record using a simple swipe motion from right to left.

There are no restrictions on what you name each of these records, but each one must be unique. Note: if you want these to be tied to a certain organizer of the meetings you attend, the name has to match exactly how his/her name appears in the emails you receive from that person.

Some examples of numbers to be stored here are: other numbers for bridges used in calls that you might be organizer for (since there is only one Dial My Number on the front page), special emergency call numbers that your company has in its procedures, and the corrected numbers for some of those invites you get that confuse not only you but the software as well (multiple bridge info, one for the web and another for phone, etc). 

In order to properly operate, the application need to have access to your calendar, to be able to send you notifications, to refresh the data in the background so it keeps the meeting up to date and to be able to use the network to check for updates. The first time you install the application you will be asked to grant access to all of the above.

The second part of the settings section defines what is shown in your calendar and how you are notified about events. Since this is not your primary calendar but only a calendar for conference calls, you can set it up to show only conference calls, i.e. appointments in your calendar that have a valid phone number (and optionally a conference number) in their subject, location or body. You also have the capability to show or hide full day eventscanceled events and/or events that already ended. This allows the Today section of the application to only list the appointments in your calendar that are conference calls and that are happening now or in the future. NOTE:These settings are disabled in the FREE version of the application.

You can also define how many days to show on your Conference Wizard calendar, as well as customize conference call alerts. Since you will still get your regular calendar alerts, we recommend setting your wizard alerts to just before the call begins.


Conference Wizard

How To

Here is where the application lists chronologically all the meetings you want displayed based on the application settings you configured. Each meeting is listed with time, organizer name (if this is a meeting and not just an entry in your calendar), the meeting title AND the phone number to be dialed as detected by the software by parsing the calendar record.

There is also a colored indicator in the top left corner of each row. That indicator is white when the meeting is in the future, grey if it already happened (and you are displaying past meetings), green if the meeting is happening right now or it is starting in the next 5 minutes, blue is the same as green if you are the meeting organizer, and red is for canceled meetings.

From here there are a few actions you can quickly take. Simply tap in the middle of each row and you will see a pop-up menu that we will discuss in the next section. Or, if you want to see the meeting details (including the full body of the invitation), press the info button on the right side of the row.

We all know that dialing in as an organizer requires a lot of button presses as well as remembering your main dial-in #, your conference bridge # and of course your meeting organizer pin. Add few #, 1 and * here and there and it feels like you have to do the hokey pokey. Well, just put your info in each of the boxes here once and you're done. The app will do the rest for you.

Just in case your conference call vendor requires special characters or extra codes in your login sequence, there is an option that allows you to customize your number. Slide that button and you will be able to edit the text box containing the dial in number.


This feature allows you to manually call the application logic to determine if a certain text contains valid phone numbers as well as conference IDs to be dialed. How many times did you find yourself in the situation that you can not select just the phone number to dial? Those days are over. You can now select and copy any text containing the number somewhere inside, then go to the Conference Wizard and press the Clipboard Dial button. If there are numbers in that text, you will be presented with a simple interface to select and dial the number you want. The phones and conference codes are listed separately and you can easily pick the right combination. Once done selecting, just press the Dial button and the app will initiate the call.

When you select the Select and Dial option from the menu to dial a meeting, the whole meeting text is selected and pushed through the parser for you.

Last but not least, the top right folder icon allows you to file this number and save it in your Conference Book. If there was a meeting organizer for this meeting, the correct name is already assigned to the record, so next time you get an invitation from this person this record will show as Dial Organizer Conf #.

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